* Alexander Garth Odell's CV
 * Hola, i'm Alex, half English, half American born and raised in the south of Spain. 
 * Passionate web developer that is always trying to improve his tools and rules. 
 * I always put myself in the users shoes and have great attention to detail.
 * I love to discover new frameworks, template languages and lil cool snippets.
 * My biggest passions are Javascript and CSS.
 * If you feel your team needs a bit more muchness and you think I could fit in send me an email here.

const aboutMe = {
  name: 'Alexander Garth Odell',
  born: 1984,
  nationality: 'British'

const currentPosition = {
  company: 'Babbel GmbH, Berlin',
  url: 'http://www.babbel.com/',
  role: 'Frontend Engineer',
  tags: ['js', 'react/redux', 'es6']

const previouslyAt = [
  'Wimdu GmbH, Berlin',
  'GameDuell GmbH, Berlin',
  'BetVictor, Gibraltar'

const profiles = {
  github: 'alextrastero',
  twitter: 'alextrastero'

const openSource =  {
  name: 'React-Materialize',
  url: 'react-materialize.github.io'